Chapter 13 – An Impactful Decision

Still feeling sad about Daiko, Baato gets to the slave quarters. He can’t stop thinking about the death of his friend. Suddenly he feels like this is all Zaleena’s fault. If she hadn’t bred with him, he would still be alive. Anger against his creator builds up inside of him. She killed him!


His anger rises and he feels the urge to confront Zaleena about the matter. He storms into the woman’s house, where Zaleena and Manika are playing chess. Raala, who has expected some sort of this to happen, is quite pleased.


„Creator!“, Baato bellows angrily.
„Baato! I don’t like your tone. Is that how you talk to your creator?“, Zaleena asks, anger swelling within her.
„Yes! You are not worthy of being creator, you are horrible! You killed off a decent young man just to fulfill your own selfish needs“, Baato yells.


His rage seems to be unstoppable. Zaleena can’t believe what she is hearing.
„This is an insolence, slave!“, she yells back at him, „Apologize immediately and you might only suffer punishment instead of death. I am the Creator, and you won’t talk to me like this!“
Manika turns away. She wouldn’t be alive if Daiko hadn’t bred with Zaleena. Her feelings are mixed. She liked Baato, but this was outrageous!


„Urgh, you are such a…PLUM!“, Baato says. Zaleena is shocked. How dare he talk to her like this. His life was forfeit.



„Enough is enough, slave!“, Zaleena shouts. „This will mean your death. I have given you another chance and you have wasted it! You will stay in the house of punishment, your fate will be decided tomorrow!“


Kanan drags Baato to the House of Punishment. Baato shouts and kicks the whole way. He is still enraged!

Note: German again, it says ‘very angry’.

Inside the house, Raala can’t believe her plan has worked so well.
„What an unworthy slave“, she says to the creator, trying to hide her excitement, „It is good that you will sacrifice him.“


But Zaleena has other plans.
„This will not be my decision“, she turns to Manika, „He has insulted you too with his words“, she says, „As you will be Creator one day, I will leave it to you what to do with this slave. Declare your decision on the morrow.“


Manika is not happy about the responsibility, but she knows she must learn to make such decisions as she will be creator one day. She goes to her room to think about it. Zaleena also leaves to her room. She can’t believe that Baato, her most faithful slave has betrayed her. How must the maker hate her, that he cast this shadow upon her tribe? What had she done wrong?


Raala has indifferent feelings, Manika might have a weak heart and set Baato free. But she is still glad, this is more than she had hoped for. She stands in front of the house of punishment.
„You deserve this”, she whispers, “you were never worthy.“

Note: This actually happened autonomously, she just walked up to the house and happily stared at it

Inside, Baato has calmed down, his anger has gone as quickly as it came. What has he done? How could he ever betray his creator like this? How could he let the rage control him like this? Now his life lay in the makers hands.


Raala heads to the slave quarters to hide her painting. It has done it’s job and she doesn’t want Kanan to stir trouble, too. She liked him and he would give her a daughter. She had come to terms with that, since Zaleena told her to breed with him. By now, she was looking forward to having her own baby girl.
But when she stand in front of the door, she hears Kanan’s voice inside and quickly aborts the mission. She can’t have anyone see her here.


In the morning, a meeting is called. Manika takes the creator’s seat as she will make this impactful decision today.


„I have thought deeply on this and I have decided to banish the slave Baato in dishonor!“, she proclaims, „He is not worthy of being sacrificed to the goddess of nature and it will be a far higher punishment for him to live on the slave market for the rest of his life, knowing he will never come to honor with any other tribe. All the other slaves shall see his disgraceful figure and shall shame him forever.“
Zaleena nods in agreement. She might have killed Baato instead of banishing him, but her daughter had good arguments. This would indeed be a higher punishment. She was so proud, Manika would make a great creator.
Manika’s reasons were different. She just couldn’t kill Baato especially as he had never spoken like this before. Manika is still suspicious that he might have been manipulated. This seemed merciful to her. But of course, she had to justify this to her mother differently.

She goes to tell her decision to Baato.


„Baato, you are henceforth banished in dishonor! You will outlive your days on the slave market, knowing that no other tribe will ever have you. Leave now!“

Baato knows, he can do nothing. He has deserved this. For the first time ever, he is allowed to leave the compound. But he would never come back, he thinks sadly as he walks down the street.


Note: My all time favourite slave Baato has been spotted in The Bloomer Legacy in Generation 3. If you ever wondered what he was up to during his time in exile, this is the answer 😀 And I swear you will not be disappointed, it’s hilarious.
Also, this story by ThePlumbob is seriously awesome and you should definitely check it out ^^

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