Chapter 12 – The Prophecy Unravelled

The next day, Zaleena calls in a meeting. After all the birthday fun, it’s time to get back to business. She had put a great deal of thought into the mysterious woman’s prophecy and she believed she had figured it out.


The empty deathbed was probably referring to Daiko as he came back from the netherworld as a ghost. And the rain were Raala’s tears over him. She didn’t think highly of Raala for mourning a slave, but she was a greatly skilled painter and the tribe needed her.

“Tonight, I will let Daiko’s soul leave to the netherworld”, she states. “It is his right as an honorable slave to find peace and rest for his soul instead of striving through the lands of the living, not belonging to either world.”
This was the right decision, she thought. The reactions are mixed.


Baato is surprised, but glad. This is exactly, what Daiko had wanted! How did the creator know? He really hoped that in the netherworld, Daiko would finally be at peace.


Raala gets angry. This is all Baato’s fault, she thinks as she doesn’t know about the prophecy. He talked to the creator to banish Daiko’s soul, because he is not worthy of his love! She was furious! How could he take him away from her. In her rage, she thinks only of revenge and develops a plan. She angrily storms off as Zaleena dismisses the meeting.


Manika stays behind and talks to Kanan for a while. She is quite smitten with him. Kanan seems to be a ladies man. Good, that Zaleena is already gone, she’d probably disapprove.


Raala has laid all her power in this angry painting. She hopes the emotional aura will be strong enough. When no one is around, she sneaks it into the slave quarters. Zaleena never goes there anyway. Hopefully, there was trouble painted on this canvas…


That night, Zaleena summons the whole tribe to Daiko’s grave.
“Daiko, I have chosen to let your soul go to the netherworld!”
Daiko can’t believe it, she must have read his mind.
“I was about to ask exactly this of you, Creator. I finally want to find peace.”
“Then I will gladly follow your wish.”


“DAIKO”, Zaleena cries out, “I hereby banish your soul from these grounds, for you will rest forever in the netherworld. BE GONE!”


Daiko feels the surge flow through his ghostly body and he slowly dissolves and finally vanishes into the netherworld forever.


After the others leave the ceremony grounds, Zaleena stays behind to talk to Raala.
“I know you have been mourning Daiko, but it is finally time to let him go”, she says.
Raala is thankful that Zaleena is comforting her since she only had been yelling at her for mourning before.
“Yes, Creator, I will.”


“I have seen you and the slave Kanan together in the house”, Zaleena says.
“Yes, I might have talked to him once”, Raala says carefully. She doesn’t know where Zaleena is heading. Was she to face punishment?
“I want you to breed with him”, Zaleena explains, “The tribe is in need of a strong tribal daughter who will take up some duties.”
Raala doesn’t know what to make of this. Her heart was with Daiko. She liked Kanan, but breed with him? Now?
“Do I have to, Creator?”


Zaleena is on the edge of getting angry.
“I was not asking your agreement!”, she simply states and leaves.

Baato is still sad about all the dealings with Daiko. He really hoped, his friend would find the peace he deserved. After he has done all his chores in the house, he heads to the slave quarters…


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