Chapter 11 – Twice The Cake

The next day is special. It’s Manika’s Birthday!
“Mother, when can we start the birthday party?”, Manika asks.
“Don’t hurry, my darling. And it’s my birthday, too, remember.”


“Awesome!”, Manika cheers, “Then we get twice the cake!”
Zaleena smiles at her daughters enthusiasm.


“I already have such a good plan”, Manika explains, “I will lure the slaves away from the cake and then… eat it all myself!”
Zaleena laughs.
“The slaves don’t get any cake, silly. There will be enough for you, be sure.”

Shortly after, Zaleena’s birthday party begins first.


Despite the bad dealings from yesterday night, everyone is in a good mood right now and celebrates Zaleena’s aging up. She has not forgotten about her duties, but tonight would not be the night to get through with them.


Zaleena is not scared by her getting older. She has produced a beautiful heiress and even when her time as creator will be done, she still has a wonderful tribe and a legacy to look upon. She also knows, death will not be the end of seeing her family, as Daiko is the best example for.

After Zaleena’s party, everyone joins in to cheer for Manika.
“Can I have some cake now, mother?”
“Just a second, sweetie, blow out the candles first.”


The little girl blows out the candles…


…and ages up into a beautiful teen! What a Creator she will be, Zaleena thinks.

In the evening, its time to have a bit of fun after this double birthday. Even Grim Reaper joins in. He loves birthdays, especially double ones. With each year people get older, they get closer to being ripe for reaping. Awesome!, Grimmy thinks.


“Sooo, Manika…”, he says in his grimmy voice, “To celebrate your birthday, don’t you want to attempt some unskilled cooking? I heard it’s totally safe.”
Manika just laughs.
“I can’t cook for toffee, Grim, and you know it!”
She leaves to dance, and Grim follows.


Grimmy also has some serious dance moves going on. Manika is very impressed.

Zaleena wants a word with her daughter as well. Grimmy doesn’t care, he just has the groove.


“Manika, my beautiful child, I am so proud of you. You will surely make a great Creator one day. But always think of what’s best for your tribe and don’t be selfish!”, she warns.


As the cheerful teen she is, Manika doesn’t think too much about her mother’s warnings.
“I am so happy to be Creator one day! I hope I can follow your footsteps.”

Today is a happy occasion and even Raala forgets – just for a moment – about her troubles and dances silently. Even if it’s just for an hour. Gladly, Daiko’s ghost did not show up, so she will not be reminded of him tonight.


Finally, Manika also gets her two pieces of cake! What a great party.


Some notes:
– Holy plum, Manika is just freakishly skinny! I’ll have to make her eat a lot more cake…
– This chapter is a bit more lighthearted for there are some troubles to come…be prepared!…

Next: Chapter 12 – The Prophecy Unraveled


5 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Twice The Cake

  1. No cake for slaves! Now that is worse than death, to be certain!

    “To celebrate your birthday, don’t you want to attempt some unskilled cooking? I heard it’s totally safe.” Bwahahaha! Oh Grimmy, that is exactly why you must be invited to every party. You are simply the life– err… unlife of every party!

    Liked by 1 person

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