Chapter 1 – A Lazy Slave

To start this challenge you need a creator, a young beautiful woman who builds up her tribe of strong Amazons and ensures a legacy for generations to come. This is my creator, Zaleena Arayeo. She only wears white clothes, to signify her purity as creator of the tribe. Her bracelet and her necklace signify her devotion to the goddess of nature. They will have to be earned by the creator heiress through a special ritual and test.

Zaleena full

This is her first slave, Baato. His tattoo marks him as a slave to Tribe Arayeo. Hopefully he will serve well.

Baato full

As Zaleena just started her new tribe and only has one slave, Baato will have to do all the work. He does well, although he seems to take a bit more time than needed. But eventually he has finished building their first compound.

Compound full

On the right you can see the House of Punishment which is surrounded by sharp stones, so even going there is painful. The slave hut is in the top right corner. It is very small as befit for meek slaves. In the middle, surrounded by an earthy path stands a statue of Zaleenas late mother who was a tribal sister to great Tribe Wahine. But she always wanted her daughter to start her own tribe, so here they were.

Zaleena is worried, as they don’t have much money after building the compound. Baato notices and sees his chance to impress the creator.

“I will do a lot of garden work and bring in money for us, creator!”, he boasts.
“Good, Baato. Do this right now and I shall think highly of you.”
Zaleena is glad she has a good slave at hand and soon Baato starts with his work.

All seems to be going well, but – as Zaleena is nowhere to be seen – Baato decides that he would like to take a nap. Unfortunately, Baato has the lazy trait! Oh no, this will be bad news for Zaleena when she finds out. And for Baato, as he will probably be banished.

Zaleena shows up quite soon, as she is done reading, and sees Baato sleeping on the bench. She is not pleased!

She wakes him up immediately. This behaviour can not be tolerated! Slaves should be working and they need the money.

“How dare you sleep now, Slave!”, she yells at him, “This tribe needs the money from your work. It seems like you have the lazy trait. This disrespects me deeply. You will suffer the house of punishment for this!”

Baato is scared, but it’s even worse. “I will have to think about banishing you in dishonor. I can’t have a slave with the lazy trait here!”

Baato is sent to suffer the House of punishment.

He is still angry from being rudely awakened from his nice nap. But he realizes he has betrayed his creator. Hopefully she would give him another chance. He didn’t want to be banished, or worse, sacrificed!

Next: Chapter 2 – Baato’s Fate


12 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – A Lazy Slave

  1. Oh and hey, I’ve just started my own Sims4 legacy – but after taking screenshots, I can’t find them anywhere! I’m talking about the screenshots you take when you go into tab mode, which then show up in Screenshot Manager in-game, but otherwise don’t seem to exist outside of the game .-. Just wondering how you get your (awesome) screenshots? ๐Ÿ˜œ


  2. I like Baato, but I’m also curious about how you would go about sacrificing him (sorry Baato) ๐Ÿ˜ I haven’t read an Amazon challenge before, and I’m really liking yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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