Bloopers – Part 2

I’ve actually gathered enough funny screenshots for another set of Bloopers! I will add more here in the future.

I always knew, Manika and Zaleena were close, but that close? Wow, what a mother-daughter-relationship

It’s not a phase, mom, this is who I am

While Raala was in the pit of sacrifice, my game reminded my to celebrate her birthday with a huge party. Yay, party in the pit! Best. birthday. ever.

Woah, woah, you need to chill, Baato, don’t get too excited over this salad you’re throwing everywhere

I know this is not really a Blooper, I just wanted to share how cute a young cowplant looks ^^

Spotted: Baato, autonomously working out 😮 Nieva must have really inspired him to overcome his laziness. He still does look a bit sleepy though.

Uhm, Manika, are you trying to be seductive? I think that’s not the way you do it, girl

This is not technically a blooper, but I gave Nieva a makeover for fun, this is business Nieva

And this is punk rock Baato 😀


3 thoughts on “Bloopers – Part 2

  1. I love Manika’s mopey teenager face!

    Hahaha, nothing says birthday like human sacrifice! Especially when you’re the sacrifice… That makes me giggle as much as my teen serial killer SIm deciding to whip out her cellphone and take photos of her drowning victim autonomously while waiting for the drowning to occur, which made me laugh and facepalm at the same time…

    Uuuuuuuh… Baato… if you don’t want to end up in the House of Punishment yet again, I suggest not throwing the dinner you are preparing all over the kitchen! Pro Tips.

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