Bloopers – Part 1

I can’t update today, I really have an awful lot to do. But just so you don’t get to sad, I will be sharing my collection of Bloopers. These are some funny or interesting screenshots I made while playing. They have nothing to do with the story whatsoever.

First of all, my all time favourite pic:
Zaleena is staring right into your soul! I didn’t remember giving her the insane trait. This was what she looked like when I loaded the save and it was still paused. Scary!

Here are the others :)

I don’t know why I like this picture so much. It’s Baato strutting around the corner just like that. And no the picture is not tilted he just smoothly curved around the table.

Oh no, he didn’t

I suddenly realized Daiko wears glasses when he works out. Didn’t even notice that one in CAS and I created that guy O.o

Oh my days, such a stalker, Daiko you need to chill

I don’t even know what she is trying to say. Is she angry or what? Also notice Baato in the background who looks like he is calming his angry plants xD

plum yeah, I’m awesome

Oh wow! This toilet is so much better now that I’m a ghost

She did it again!

Omg, who could resist that face

He just has the cutest facial expressions ever

Meanwhile, Manika has not xD

I’m so angry I’m just gonna take an angry poop right here!

Awww, he is so happy, and cute, the lighting is just perfect, and… awww

World domination? Anyone? Okay by now I totally believe she has a hidden insane trait. Or maybe all this ugly business is stressing her too much


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