A Temple Tour

My Amazonian Temple of Nature is available on the Gallery under my username or #TribeArayeo. You need to enable cc to see it. The cc is from the set ‘Kanto Garden’ which is available on thesimsresource.com
It especially features the Kanto Garden Gong which is used twice in my Temple.
If you want to use this in you own Amazon Story, please give me credit and provide a link to my story, I would appreciate that.


The Temple’s water gardens with cushions for meditation

The Main Hall and the fighting pit

The ritual area

The music and art room, let your creativity flow through you

Room of comtemplation and cleanse. You can watch potential sacrifices in the pool and contemplate over your own flaws and sins. The urns of the recently sacrificed are kept here for mourning.

Kitchen and outdoor bar

Pit of sacrifice

Mental skill room


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