Chapter 10 – After All This Time

As Baato makes his way around the compound, he sees Daiko. Baato didn’t feel any anger towards him, like it had vanished in thin air. He decided to join him at the tombstone.


„Daiko“, he said. The ghost looked up.
„Baato“, he replied, his voice full of sorrow, „I didn’t expect you.“
„I didn’t expect myself… I was very angry with you, but I don’t feel like arguing anymore.“
„I have to tell you something, Baato“, Daiko said quietly, „Finally.“


„I lied to you in the gardens Baato and I am deeply sorry. I caused you deep trouble and it was not what I should have done. I was scared of banishment. Not for my sake, but because I would have never seen you again. ”
The ghost sighed deeply.
“The truth is… I love you, Baato.“


Daiko’s speech touched Baatos heart in a way he would have never imagined. How could he ever hurt this man? How could he tell him that he didn’t have the same feelings? A sudden remorse filled Baato for all the times he had yelled at Daiko or been angry at him. Wasn’t love the best and at same time most uncontrollable thing in the world? A wave of sadness flooded over him as he realized he would have to break Daiko’s heart.
„But I yelled at you and I’ve been mean to you so often. I mean, how can you… Since when?“
„Always“, Daiko whispered.


„I think I have always known, Daiko…“, he said and looked to the floor, for he couldn’t bare to look Daiko in the eyes. „I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I yelled at you so often. I just couldn’t handle it. I am so sorry…“, his voice cracked and a tear found its way down his cheek.


„You know, I can’t…I…just can’t…“
„I know“, Daiko said. It didn’t sound like he knew. Baato’s confirmation had killed the last hope he had had left in his soul. „I never expected you to. Not really… But still, I am glad. This was the only thing I wanted to tell you since the day we met. Even though you yelled at me and hoped for me to go, I did not care. I only wanted to see you. And now, finally I am free. My soul is free.“


Baato already new, what he was going to say.
„I am going to ask the Creator to let my soul go to the netherworld. It’s the best thing for both you and me. There, I will finally be at peace.“
Baato nodded silently.

None of them notices Raala, lurking in the training grounds. She had overheard most of the conversation, but her emotions overcome her and she rushes inside before she hears the end of it.


„What’s wrong, Raala?“, Zaleena asks, sitting down next to her. Raala didn’t want to tell her, her tears continue to fall like rain over what she had forever lost.
Like rain, like rain…Zaleena isn’t a genius for nothing.
When she sees Daiko’s ghost outside of the window, she knows what she must do.


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – After All This Time

    1. I really don’t mind dark subject matter at all! In fact, when it isn’t gratuitous and when it stirs compassion and understanding, I love it! And I’m loving your storytelling!

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